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Aurélie Baras' artistic work consists in expressing the sparkling emotions and sensations that animate us, linked to life, love and imagination. His approach starts from experimenting and assembling graphic forms, in textures and colors, to develop a writing, a pattern.

The first influential works, which fascinated her at first glance, were Kandinsky, Sonia and Robert Delaunay, Niki de Saint-Phalle and Tinguely. These five ingenious, avant-garde artists of the 20th century make him aware of the possibilities of expressions in art, creating their own imaginary, inventive, poetic and playful world, in painting or sculpture, in figurative or abstract forms to express feelings, the movement of life and light. They transmit joy and the desire to create.

Inspired by this modern and decorative art,
she develops a handwriting of forms and/or digital tool, all in motifs, in a varied range of themes and visual expressions, with a play of colors and textures.
These textures are invented in geometric or linear forms, superimposed or glued, in a space that is both playful and decorative. The resulting work can be totally abstract or reveal a staging accompanied by figurative elements such as words or characters.


In front of the work, the viewer is challenged by this particular writing of forms and messages. He discovers a particular world, that of the vitality of emotions and feelings.

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