Contact by e-mail or by phone (only in the afternoon) from 2 pm till 5 pm except weekend and holidays in + 33 (0)6 81 07 82 26.
Opening of the online shop 24 hours a day.
Order possible only by Internet in Europe (except the international and the Dom-Tom > see clause n°7).

Thank you for being willing to read these general terms of sale before any signing of command on the “” website. They will be considered as “read and accepted” at the time of the validation and of the payment of the purchase (available also on the size PDF) not requiring a handwritten signature.

General terms of sale govern exclusively the contractual relations enter the Buyer (natural person having the legal majority and not being under guardianship or the guardianship) and the Seller (Aurelie Baras sole proprietorship) within the framework of the order of products sold on the site “”. General terms of sale can may evolve according to the current texts. The applicable conditions are the ones current in the order date on the site “”.

CLAUSE N°2 - Description of products sold on the “” site:
• wall decoration with art paper prints, paintings and hangings;
• edition with ornemental cards, small hand-made paintings;
• objects decoration with pillows, armchairs, etc.

CLAUSE N°3 - Terms of payment:
The prices of the sold products are the ones current in the day of the order taking. They are denominated in euros with taxes (intracommunity VAT liability 20 %). The applicable transport costs in the day of the command are added to it. The Aurelie Baras company agrees the right to modify its price lists at any time. However, she makes a commitment to charge the goods commanded the prices indicated during the recording of the order.

The accepted payment conditions are:
• by bank transfer (instructions at the time of the command). Thank you for sending your payment to proceed to its shipping.
• by Stripe (service of secure payment by CB).

Aurelie Baras reserves the right to refuse a new order with a buyer who would not have adjusted a partial or total way the payment of an order or a previous delivery.

CLAUSE N°4 - The modalities of on-line purchase:
• Presentation and choice of products.
• Chosen Product: characteristics, particular size for every product.
• Quantity to be indicated.
• Price in euros TTC + delivery in supplement.
• Validation > in Basket.
• Identify with a customer account (address-e-mail and password) before any signing of order.
• Order form.
• Well verify that the e-mail address is valid.
• Well indicate the delivery address (building, floor, digital code).
• On-line Payment (secure payment with Stripe or by transfer) which confirms in a definitive way the sale.
This last “click of acceptance” has value of a handwritten signature for acceptance of the order.
• Confirmation by e-mail of the order.
It is recommended to the buyer to keep a track of the summary of the command (on paper or informatic
The seller saves himself the possibility of not being able to confirm an order for whatever reason, taking into account either of a problem of reception of e-mails, or of a supply problem of products or a problem concerning the order.

The Gift card : valid card one the year on all the website, not exchangeable and not refundedable card.

CLAUSE N°5 - Cooling-off period in the online sale:
Within the framework of mail-order sellings and consequently online sales, the buyer benefits from a right to withdraw of 14 days as from the next day of the reception of the good (according to the Article L 121-20 of the French code of the consumption) without having to prove motives, nor paying penalties, with the exception of the expenses of return of the concerned product. On the other hand, products, having been the object of a customization on request, cannot be the object of a retraction.

The demand of return of the product is made by contacting the seller by e-mail which will give the necessary information for return and the refund. A form of shrinkage will then be sent.
According to the retraction, it is necessary to count at the latest a deadline of 30 days for the refund of the returned product.
The process of exchange is possible only on the basis of a type of product for the same price. Postal charges stay chargeable to the customer.

For the return of the wall decorations, it is advised to roll well and to pack the product of origin with precaution. Do not affix of the adhesive tape directly on the decoration. Roll up and close a paper sheet of protection in the size A4 or A3 around the wall decoration so that it does not take place. Well close the tube with the special adhesive tape packaging with the address of expedition indicated to the buyer by e-mail. Thank you for noting well the reference of order and your name and address for return.

The expenses of return are in the responsibility and at the risk of the buyer who chooses his method of dispatch. Any parcel not sent by ourselves is not under our responsibility.
It is advised to use the registered mail with an insurance there concerned, allowing you a compensation in case of loss or of deterioration. The returned products have to be in perfect condition. Every product badly rolled up, gored, folded or speckled in the impossibility to be again put on sale will be paid off on no account.

CLAUSE N°6 - Preparation of the command:
Products are valid while stocks last. The seller Aurelie Baras reserves the right to modify the assortment of
products according to the constraints of manufacturing. She is not responsible in case of stock shortage, in case of problem with the suppliers or in case of force majeure (machines of printing office out of order, strike of postal services and transport, fire, flood, dysfunction of the internet network).

In case of error of preparation of one or several products on behalf of the seller Aurelie Baras, the buyer will have to prevent by e-mail or by telephone the seller Aurelie Baras from the delivery of the command or at the latest in two working days which follow the delivery (any complaint reached off this deadline will be rejected).
Always in case of error of preparation of the product, it will belong to the seller Aurelie Baras to take care of the expenses of return. The buyer will be paid off, in case of return of corresponding products with order initial and in perfect condition, with the presentation of the invoice of the carrier or the Post office, compulsory to obtain the refund.

CLAUSE N°7 - Procedure of expedition and delivery:
Delivery in France, Corse, Monaco and in the countries of the European union:
• by Colissimo (La Poste, French post office) with signature.
• by Chronopost with signature.
No delivery in mail box.
Manufacturing and delivery deadline: from 15 to 20 working days according to products.

The wall decorations are sent to packagings in the standards of The french Post office, packed either in a square long tube, or in a triangular long tube. The length does not have to exceed 100 cms or 130 cms.

Not direct selling by internet for the International and the Dom-Tom: If you are interested for the purchase of a wall decoration in large size, to get in touch with Aurelie Baras by e-mail. The case will be individually treated, because of the modalities to be followed according to the country of import: the cost of delivery, the insurance (in case of loss), the rights and customs taxes to be acquitted (applied tariffs). You make necessarily a commitment to make the steps of declaration and to pay the rights and the taxes at the time of the delivery.
The parcel will be accompanied with a pro forma invoice for the passage in customs. Aurelie Baras is not responsible for inconveniences if the status of the parcel remains blocked in customs.
Transporteurs : Chronopost or FedEX.

IMPORTANT: Upon receipt of your order, it is recommended not to accept the delivery if the packaging is damaged and to indicate it directly on the delivery slip with the deliverer. It is imperative to make a report of anomaly and to send it with the transport company by letter (with acknowledgement of receipt) or by e-mail in two days after the delivery so that Aurelie Baras can make a demand of compensations.

The opening of the packaging and the release of the product have to be made with precaution. Do not push cutter or blades in the box.

Aurelie Baras is not responsible if the delivery address given at the time of the order was written with one or several typing errors. Thank you for specifying well the name, the address, the building, the floor and the digital code if need. If forwarding, the expenses of return are chargeable to the customer.

CLAUSE N°8 : In case of complaint, the buyer can address directly Aurelie Baras to find an amicable solution in the problem posed.

CLAUSE N°9 - Privacy of personal data:
The site “” is declared with CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Civil Liberties). The personal data are registered and recorded within the framework of commands on the site “”. They are not revealed outside. The buyer has a right of access, rectification and abolition of the personal data concerning him.

E-mails exchanged between the buyer and the seller Aurelie Baras are the proof of their exchanges and, where necessary, their commitments, in particular as regards the transmission and the acceptance of the orders.

CLAUSE N°10 - Use of the site “”:
The “” website can accept links towards other web sites or other available resources on the Internet under certain conditions.
The users of the “” website cannot set up hyper one link in the direction of this site without an express authorization and Aurelie Baras’s prerequisite.

Aurelie Baras arranges no way to check sites in connection with her web site. She cannot be held responsible for any problems, of whatever nature, resulting from the contents of these sites or outside sources, in particular from information, products or services which they propose, or of any use which can be made by these elements. The risks bound to this use fall completely to the Internet user who has to conform to their conditions of use.

The “” site with all its contents (signature, logo, pictures, texts, products) is Aurelie
Baras’s exclusive property. It is not thus possible to reproduce altogether or in a partial way the elements of the site without a preliminary agreement at the risk of infringement claims. Aurelie Baras is not held responsible in case of errors relatives at the presentation and at the characteristics of products through photos and texts of the site. The photos of the site are not contractual. The photos of products are in mode RVB, colors for Web and they cannot be representative of a totally exact reproduction of colors corresponding to the colors of printing on paper.

If the site came not to work in a temporary way for technical reasons, Aurelie Baras can be held responsible on no account for dysfunctions and for the impossibility of use of the site. She will make all the online necessity with professionals of the computing so that the site is quickly put again.


General terms of sale • Updated september 2017